Broken Window at Warehouse Studios

So the time came to hop back into the studio. We picked Warehouse Studios in Oxford based on a friends recommendation and it blew us away. The engineer there Steve “Geezer” Watkins exceeded our expectations on both a producer and engineer level. Here’s the man himself:



The track took three days to record and mix. We made good time throughout. We recorded this song to a click track which is something we hadn’t done before. This means it takes a lot more time to lay down the drums (sorry Dan), but once they’re down the rest is much easier. As always Danny B was wearing sunglasses throughout:


Good old boy! At least one of us is a rock star. Recently Danny bought a new guitar, an Epiphone of some sort. It has a lovely bassy sound which you will hear on the track.

On day one we had a few “technical” incidences which led to Danny B’s new acoustic breaking 2 mins before guide tracks needed to be layed down. No finger point please everyone, it was an accident. Also this happened:


We ended up having to cut a hole in the kick drum. This is so we could mic it up properly. We planned on doing vocals on day 3, however we did a gig the night before at 229 bar in London, Dave lost his voice and had to reschedule the vocal recording. Nice one Dave.

When it came to recording the guitar solo we did something very 80′s. We played the solo also “a third up”. For the music theorists of you it just gives it a more interesting sound. You’ll hear this in the recording, it’s about as 80′s as we get.

We send the track of to be mastered by Milico studios up in London, they organize studio time for some massive acts here in the UK. Check out more pics here - or listen to the track on our

The track it’s self is about the feeling of something being broken in your life and wanting to leave your problems behind. Something we have all been faced with. Check out the lyrics here

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