New singles

So our Kickstarter campaign was a total success, we raised all the money we need in order to record our next two singles. WATCH THIS SPACE! We can’t thank everyone enough really, each on of you counted in this project and we are extremely grateful. The guys wanted to do a naked calendar, but, we actually wanted to reward you guys so decided not to. More news about this coming very, very soon.

One of London’s coolest acoustic venues – played rhythm, broken window, leavin this city and soul sinner – there’s two half’s first starts at 44:00 and the second at 2:09:00 – the place is awesome, its like an old Shakespearian theatre. They film the whole thing which is pretty good. The amazing Georige Bird played as well. Her stuffs on straight after mine. Cheers Balham!

32 gigs in 2013

Since May 2013 we have played 32 gigs! It’s been a fun year. But we couldn’t do it without the ongoing support from you guys :-) Thanks a million. Let’s hope next years just as much fun